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Satsuki Bonsai-en, Imports LLC holds two import permits - one is for pre-quarantine trees in the country of Origin and one is for a USDA approved two year quarantine in the United States. This service is for anyone that wants to travel to Japan and purchase trees to be quarantined here in the U.S.

Reservations for space must be coordinated prior to traveling to Japan in order to determine availability. All imports must be arranged through our Japanese contacts as shipments must be controlled for entry to the USA. Costs incurred will be billed according to square footage and routine maintenance requirements. You will have the opportunity to pot your own tree at our facility in St. Louis, MO if you wish or we will pot them for you.

There are risks to Importing: All care will be taken with your Purchases, however trees are live things that need to be bare rooted for entry to the US. Some Species are easier to establish that others and the health of trees you purchase in Japan may be unknown to us.

For more information please visit our "Contact Us" page and send a message.